Carmen - Before After (Official Music Video)

With her stunning looks and positive energy, Carmen captures the undivided attention of the people around her.  She can easily move them with her creative vision and captivating voice.  Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Carmen has always been a small town girl with dreams bigger than even she could fully imagine. Growing up a shy and quiet girl, no one ever knew she had such a passion for the spotlight.  Through the years she studied musicians and performers with a fascination and desire to recreate the same excitement.

At age 13, Carmen began modeling.  Signed to her first Major agency in NY at the age of 14, she enjoyed her first taste of being in front of the camera, traveling, and living out one of her dreams.  While continuing her modeling career, Carmen began to open up and share her interest in music.  Once in a while, she would break out of her shell and serenade family members with some old Marvin Gaye or Christina Aguilera records that she listened to on repeat. After realizing her daughter’s potential, Carmen’s mother encouraged her to develop her talent.  Family friend, and R&B soul singer Kem, connected Carmen with a local Detroit producer and vocalist Hershel Boone (Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker and rapper T.I.) who began working on her vocal development. This collaboration was just the beginning of Carmen sharing her voice.  As she became more comfortable and eager to sing, Carmen began working with producer Thaddeus Dixon.  The native Detroiter produced Carmen’s first original songs.

After graduating high school in 2010, Carmen was ready to take the next step in pursuit of her dreams.  Moving to LA from her small town, with nothing but 3 demo records and the passion to make her dreams come true, she immediately caught the attention of several key people in the LA music and entertainment industry.  Carmen began working with LA producer Sundafu Kawah. This collaboration resulted in the release of her first 7 song EP, in which she wrote/co-wrote several of the songs.  Carmen also continued to develop her vocal talent under the direction of very talented vocal coaches Nick Cooper and more recently Tim Carter.

Beyond her model looks and sultry voice, Carmen has always been very hands-on in the creative process, that will eventually build her personal brand.  She has always been very interested in visual branding and marketing.  Creating & editing all of her own videos and promotional media, she understands the need to brand herself and share her creative vision.

With her natural charisma, limitless talent and genuine likeability, the word “star quality” is used often when people meet this young girl. The future only seems to get brighter and her drive continues to grow every step of the way.